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sE Electronics sE8 Condenser Microphone Overview

The sE Electronics sE8 Condenser Microphone is the latest professional-grade studio microphone from SE, bringing with it a host of new features that give it a place at the top of its class.

A handmade capsule with an ultra-thin gold-sputtered diaphragm adorns the top of the microphone, providing incredible transient response suitable for a wide variety of sound sources. Despite the thin diaphragm, the sE8 is capable of recording up to a maximum SPL of 159dB(A), in case you ever felt the need to close-mic a fighter jet. Combine this with the two switchable attenuation pads and low-cut filters, and you have one of the most versatile small diaphragm condensers available.

This ultra-quiet (only 13dB(A)) and flexible microphone delivers clear, balanced sound without colouration, and is the ideal choice for studio and live sound engineers requiring an adaptable recording solution the world-over.


• Hand-made capsule & all-metal build
• Balanced sound & sophisticated backplate design
• Perfect for sources like hi-hats and drum overheads
• One of the quietest small-capsule mics on the planet
• Highest dynamic range and SPL handling in its class
• Integrated attenuation pads and low-cut filters
• Compatible with our sE8 omni capsule

New capsule design

Carefully crafted in sE’s laboratories, the sE8 incorporates a new backplate design into its construction. No matter how much EQ or filtering you apply, this new design prevents harshness whilst simultaneously providing you with the highest dynamic range and SPL handling in its class. On top of this, the sE8 features a hand-crafted gold-sputtered capsule with an ultra-thin diaphragm that has been tuned to perfection by technicians with decades of experience. This new capsule is built in a manner reminiscent of the world’s finest musical instruments, and is truly worthy of recording them.

-10dB/-20dB pad

The pad switch can be used if you’re recording a very hot or loud signal. For miking up loud sound sources such as drums or a guitar cabinet, the -10dB or -20dB settings will reduce the level output from the microphone to the connected microphone preamp, ensuring a high quality signal is delivered.

Switchable 80Hz/160Hz Lo-cut/Hi-pass filter

The sE8 incorporates a handy lo-cut/hi-pass switchable filter into its circuitry. 80Hz or 160Hz lo-cut can be applied to decrease the level of proximity effect, which is typical behaviour in cardioid pattern microphones if placed very close to the sound source, or to isolate from low frequency rumble from other sources.

High performance electronics

The sE Electronics sE8 has been designed with a super-short signal path with no ICs, and using only the best, specially optimized, Class-A electronics. As a result, the sE8 is one of the quietest small diaphragm condensers you can buy, and by far the quietest in its class.


“Sounds like a wickedly expensive high-end microphone.” – Bernhard Schurian, Planet Music & Media Magazine

“I recorded violin, and it just did what it should do! A clear sound with warm highs, it reproduces the natural sound of the instrument as it should be. It’s a beauty in a perfect size, easy to place wherever it needs to be placed!” – Titus Vadon, Recording Engineer & Producer

“The sE8s on the high-hats are a very big surprise. I have been looking forward for that crisp sound without the over-hyped top end…I was picking up subtle hits and ghost notes that had not been that well defined before. Overall I am very impressed.” – Gary Sharpe, TM-FOH Between The Buried And Me, TM-FOH – Every Time I Die

What’s Included

• sE Electronics sE8 Microphone x 2
• Wind Screen x 2
• Mic Clip With Thread Adapter x 2
• Stereo Bar
• Metal Case
• sE Logo Sticker
• User Manual With Warranty Card

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